Lack of standardization is one of the key barriers to use second-life batteries to improve grid reliability.

Electric vehicle (EV) batteries are typically designed for a decade of usage. Then they lose their juice to power your EV. The growth of intermittent renewable energy is increasing the importance of energy storage. …

How can HSE managers shape safer working environments for workers amid digitalization and the pandemic?

More than 80 people per terawatt-hour (TWh) die from accidents or air pollution in the energy industry! Companies are out there for profit. They invest in safety after experiencing the costs of a major incident. …

Forget about net-zero without customer engagement.

Switching energy suppliers is very simple today. Utilities must cope with meeting the dynamic demands of their customers. Homeowner wants to save cost and then reduce carbon footprint. On the other hand, utilities need customer engagement to ensure power system stability through flexibility. …

It’s time for the consumption to follow generation!

Electrification combined with increasing penetration of wind and solar energy poses risks to the power system’s reliability. Intermittent renewables — new challenges! Because consumption must follow generation now. So when supply-side flexibility is difficult, how do you manage demand-side flexibility (DSF)?

DSF Types

Load, demand-side generation, and storage shape the…

Natural gas infrastructure is there. Shall we use it to distribute hydrogen?

85% of hydrogen doesn’t move at all in Europe. It’s consumed right where it’s made. So why so little part of the produced hydrogen is being transported?

Hydrogen Value Chain

Keep in mind that hydrogen itself is not the energy source, but rather an energy carrier. …

The bigger disruption ahead in the energy industry.

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) evolved as an energy efficiency method. Yet do you recognize the bigger disruption ahead in the energy industry like those that happened in transport, retail, and consumer electronics? Ownership is becoming outdated! Individuals and businesses are turning to a subscription to avoid the hassle of ownership. …

Fire/explosion accounts for almost half of the value of all claims in the overall energy sector.

The energy sector ranks 3rd after aviation and property by the value of insurance claims. Energy companies no longer have the capital available to cover their losses — they need insurance to reduce their exposure to risks. But they need to calculate how much cover they can afford to take…

The future workforce of the major energy companies will consist of employees, contractors, and bots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Intelligent Automation reinvented collaboration between humans and machines. Bots help humans to be more productive, intelligent and protected. Energy output per employee is an indicator of productivity for energy firms. …

Corruption is inherent in all sectors of the energy industry: nuclear, oil & gas, renewables, electricity, heat, energy storage, etc.

The energy industry is a high-regulated and high-risk domain. Strict regulations and legal, environmental, and social compliance concerns are fundamental. Corruption has one of the most undermining effects on your job as a compliance officer. So what are the distinct repercussions of corruption in this dynamic industry today?

Common obstacles

The future of bulk long-distance power transmission looks HVDC due to recent technological advancements.
The future of bulk long-distance power transmission looks HVDC due to recent technological advancements.

Offshore wind power generation plays a critical role in the energy transition in Europe. High voltage direct current (HVDC) is the maturing way to transmit offshore energy to the land. Yet, it is prone to faults. So, what are fault-clearing strategies known today?

Differing reasons for the application

The usage…

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